2. i’m beyond excited about austin’s write up about my third creamy life zine:

    "This is a sparse, but packed, suite of strips and drawings by Kalmus—-it’s highly interesting because it features unapologetically experimental and expressive drawing alongside more fully honed traditional auto-bio-esque cartooning. Kalmus pushes in both directions with a lot of energy and it will be exciting to see what comes next. For now, this zine is something to see."


    i didn’t make very many of these, you can buy the last few on the domino website

  3. this morning we drank a lot of coffee, and listened to yes (closer to the edge)
    i like to listen to that on sunday mornings because it reminds me of when kyle and i invented church of prog at blue house (getting really high on sunday morning and listening to prog)
    then keeley and josh came over and brought us an egg casserole they made and cake and we all sat on the floor at ate while the puppies played outside
    we watched lady gaga’s new video and it was alright
    now i am working on my pinata

  4. knot work
    graphite on clayboard
    6 x 8”


  5. I lowered the prices on all my prints and original art on my etsy because really I just want people to have my art in their home and give it as gifts and look at it and feel like they want to draw something better.

    In the meantime I will get back to posting more drawings soon, I’ve been spending a lot of my time making a pinata. I’m also working on a drawing for an aids benefit art show that should be finished tonight, I’m excited to show you, its sexy :)

  6. Tonight I was going to try to be a fun person and go to a sxsw show I was mildly interested in, but I failed at that & now I am alone painting at the coffeeshop probably feeling a lot better than I would be surrounded by people and sounds

  8. Today I started making a pinata. It’s hard… mostly because paper mache dries so slowly. Like I don’t know how I’m going to get three to five layers of the stuff on these giant spheres and still have time to decorate it. I might try a different formula instead of just 1:1 ratio of flour and water. Any advice is appreciated.

    Jonny Negron’s opening at Farewell books is tomorrow night and I’m so excited to see what he’s done.

  13. indonesian women at the new house celebration (kandaure)
    oil on panel
    18” x 24”

  14. evening gathering
    oil on panel
    9” x 12”

    i just cannot seem to get a great photo of this little painting…

  15. 3 exquisite corpses made with syl and neeka during karaoke night at chekos